Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cowher: Ben's A "Good Person"; Infinonymous: What Time Should He Pick Up Your Daughter?

Bill Cowher -- much like the Dicks people at Dick's Sporting Goods -- considers Ben Roethlisberger "a good person" who has become 'reflective'. Cowher made these comments during an interview that led the AP to use the headline "Cowher: Steelers' Roethlisberger Finally Showing Maturity."

Cowher seemed to have a better handle on this situation a few months ago, when he said:
  • "I think we like anybody that can help us win football games."

  • "I think again, as you know, the bottom line is trying to win football games."
On the other hand, Cowher also implied that recreational drug use is an offense worse than sexual assault. The overarching point about Roethlisberger's situation, from his perspective: "The one thing you want to make sure the players do is they don’t do anything to dampen your ability to win football games. What Ben has done is put himself in a situation where he’s going to miss six games. Hopefully, he’ll do the right thing and minimize that to four."

Those moral insights make it apt to wonder how Cowher would answer this question:
Would you you think, Coach, about your daughter spending some quality time alone with Big Ben?


Vannevar said...

"What Ben has done is put himself in a situation where he’s going to miss six games."

I really do wonder how that coed would describe "what Ben has done".

It astounds me that feminists (and parents) aren't picketing and boycotting the steelers.

Infinonymous said...

Feminism hasn't hit Pittsburgh yet.

Ever see a show called Mad Men? In the rest of the country, it's a "period piece" about the 1960s. In Pittsburgh, it's a look into the future, something like the Jetsons.

Bright side: The bra burning should start in a few years.