Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mayor's Parley With Privateers Produces Proposed Indulgence For Certain Parkers

One of the proposals emerging from closed-door negotiations in which the Ravenstahl adminstration and its preferred privateers are drafting the InsolvenCity Parking Garage Sale contract would exempt certain churchgoers Sunday parkers from the pain to be experienced by motorists.

A Post-Gazette editorial's approval of this payoff inappropriate preference for certain religious activity illustrates the editorial board's persistent inability to distinguish a feature from a bug.


Anonymous said...

oooooo - "closed door negotiations - sounds so wrong and scary -

of COURSE they are negotiating trying to get the best deal for the people of Pittsburgh - you think they should do their business in the middle of Grant St? have you EVER been involved in something that was confidential? that's how business gets done

this is going to give the people of Pittsburgh literally hundreds of millions of dollars they need, you can whine all you want but, this is what needs to get done and it is going to get done

Infinonymous said...

The only thing this deal would give to the people of Pittsburgh -- after decades of more cowbell than they could tolerate -- is more cowbell.