Thursday, August 26, 2010

P-G Finally Prints A Worthwhile Editorial Letter

Not every word on the Post-Gazette editorial page is dopey.

For example, that page today includes a wonderful letter from Paul Manion of Ross. Mr. Manion might have included Rick Santorum and the Rooneys among his list of chuckleheads responsible for that misbegotten hole under the Allegheny River, but that is a small point. It also would have been nice to mention some of the naysayers, such as Jack Wagner, who correctly pegged the project as conceived by imbeciles, endorsed by morons and implemented by idiots.

Mr. Manion, your perspicacity disqualifies you from participation in regional civic leadership, but your letter rebuts the tempting conclusion that the P-G editorial page is never worth reading.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

Quite the doozy by Sophie Masloff on that page also. "Come on, let's get real!", she offers respectfully. I guess these mayors who saunter into the gig the macabre way have to stick together.

Masloff gave the same argument as a Stadium Authority board member last year to allow the Steelers skate through with their already sweetheart deal after the contract expired. BUILD BABY BUILD! Building & Construction Trades Council ├╝ber alles!