Monday, August 30, 2010

LST-325 (And Stanley Barish) Bring Pittsburgh Region's Glory Days Back For A Brief Visit

A unique reminder of the Pittsburgh region's glorious past will visit later this week, when the last operating LST (Landing Ship, Tank) floats from the Ohio to a North Side dock, along the Allegheny.

The enormous Navy vessels -- longer than a football field -- were World War II workhorses, many built at Ambridge or Neville Island. They carried men such as Squirrel Hill resident Stanley Barish (left), who participated in the D-Day invasion aboard LST 325, the vessel that is to visit Pittsburgh.

Tours are to be conducted, beginning September 2 and ending September 6; the $10 charge for adults would be a bargain just for the chance to shake hands with Mr. Barish (right) aboard his vessel.

Infinonytune: Ballad Of Ira Hayes, Johnny Cash

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