Wednesday, August 4, 2010

InsolvenCity's 'Community Conversation' On Signs Features Rocky Mountain Messengers

After a couple of trips to court and some tense moments in council chambers, InsolvenCity's 'community conversation on electronic signs and billboards' is scheduled to resume this evening at a public meeting conducted by the Department of City Planning.

A featured guest: Christopher J. Duerksen of Clarion Associates, a Denver lawyer with a handy resume but no obvious reason for participating in Pittsburgh's 'community conversation.'

Also featured: Nancy Clanton, a lighting expert based in Boulder, Colorado.

Can anyone illuminate the funding source for the expedition of two Colorado luminaries to Pittsburgh (likely a $10,000 trip, counting hourly rates, travel and lodging)? Identifying the funding source should shed light on the issue of the purpose of these experts' participation in Pittsburgh's billboard debates.


Anonymous said...

The funding source is Riverlife Task Force. Get your presumptions straight dipsh$%^T.

Infinonymous said...

Riverlife as a funding source is neither necessarily good nor bad but, as Emil Faber taught us, Knowledge Is Good.

Why the nastiness? Rough day with the feds?

MH said...

You don't need to go clear to Colorado to find expert to light a river. Someone in Cleveland has to remember how they didn it.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Tonight, Duerksen said Clarion does zoning and actually wrote Pittsburgh's zoning code back in the day.