Monday, August 2, 2010

Is Rendell Still Able To Bring Home Bacon Buses?

Two points concerning Gov. Rendell's bus tour to promote mass transit funding:

  • Everyone who relies on mass transit should be wondering whether Gov. Rendell -- lame duck likely to be replaced by a Republican after two fatigue-generating terms -- is currently an effective advocate for this cause.

  • Anyone familiar with standard English should be wondering about the use of "replace" in this sentence:
    Mr. Rendell wants legislators to return to the Capitol Aug. 23 to decide which revenue-raising options will be chosen to replace the $472 million a year the state won't get due to the federal government's refusal to place tolls on Interstate 80.
    One does not and can not replace something that never existed. It would be just as appropriate to ask the legislature to "replace" the half-billion gold dubloons not found in a centuries-old treasure chest during recent construction of that wastehole under the Allegheny River.
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