Monday, August 16, 2010

Afghanistan: Mission Not Quite Accomplished; Uzbekistan: Maybe Torture Isn't Cool After All

After nearly a decade of death, devastation, dollars and drift, this is the current status report on the American expedition to Afghanistan. Against this background, Gen. Petraeus' 'just give us another six months' proposal resembles a junkie's pathetic pleading, and every American should hope Pres. Obama disregards it.

Meanwhile, the Uzbeks might be rethinking the position they took on torture when cooperating with the Bush administration.


Anonymous said...

Stick to local politics. You are way over your head in foreign affairs & especially the Military. We are at war w/people that want to destroy us. You keep talking liberal garbage, the Military will do what it is necessary.

stars and stripes said...

Obama not cutting and running fast enough for ya? Worried about the Muslims feelings? Nobody's asking people like you to fight because we want to win, just stay out of the way and if possible keep your mouth shut.