Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dick LeBeau, Hall of Famer

Professional football's Hall of Fame will become a better place today when Dick LeBeau, a Hall of Famer in several respects, accepts admission.

LeBeau will enter the Hall as a Lion; he and Lem Barney likely constituted the greatest pair of cornerbacks in football history. The Steelers -- whose reputation has faltered (yet still is overstated) -- can claim some needed, reflected luster. With Dick LeBeau, there's plenty to go around.

UPDATE: An e-mailer who claims to have served sandwiches to both men suggests that if Ben Roethlisberger wishes to learn how to treat people, all he needs to do is spend some time with Dick LeBeau: "Mr. LeBeau treats every person with respect, I think he even tips at Subway in Pine Tree Shops but money is not what I am talking about. Mr. LeBeau is an amazing gentleman, he does not feel he needs to show off. We all know he is a Steeler of course. It is so amazing to see Mr. LeBeau was a great NFL player before he was a Steeler."

Another suggestion (paraphrased): 'And if Ben wants to say he hasn't stiffed servers or walked on checks, he should call the cops because some 6-5 dude who claims to be him and looks just like him and even used Ben's credit card sometimes has been going to [restaurant] where I work and [bar] where my friends work in Cranberry for a while, little or no tips and sometimes even leaving without paying. Rude comments also.'

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