Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Lesson: Forget Rule #1, Get Indicted

Roger Clemens was described by witnesses -- and apparently identified by DNA testing -- as having possessed and injected unlawful substances. He also was reported to have engaged in a 10-year affair with a singer who was 15 years old at the relationship's inception (he was 28; she says she "cannot refute" the report).

He also twice assaulted a man with deadly weapons -- one a projectile launched at nearly 100 miles an hour from close range, the other a sharp instrument -- and with tens of thousands of witnesses.

So what did he get indicted for yesterday?

Lying to the feds.

Infinonytune: Talk Talk, Talk Talk

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MH said...

Specifically, he got indicted for lying to Congress. That's kind of like going down for defrauding Goldman Sachs.