Sunday, August 1, 2010

SugarWater Probably Didn't Test Well At Gyms, So VitaminWater It Is -- At Least, Until A Verdict

The name of Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater -- which is essentially Kool-Aid with some vitamins and a healthy-hipster label -- has for years seemed misleading. A class action lawsuit led by consumer advocates aims to demonstrate that, with respect to Vitaminwater, misleading means legally improper. The plaintiffs' argument -- that a corporation should not be entitled to bury a One-A-Day in a KFC Double Down and label the result the "VitaminSnack" -- sounds strong.

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MH said...

Coca-Cola got away with that for years, but when I sell loose cigarettes as a "herbal supplement," the cops haul me away from the junior high within five minutes.