Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keystone Rhythm Loses A Beat: Glenn Pavone

Glenn Pavone, a good guy and one of the finest musicians to perform at The Decade (which deserves a decent website), has died.

Let's hope playing his guitar, for the Keystone Rhythm Band and the Cyclones, was as much fun as listening to it was.

If anyone could point to a good video featuring Glenn, please do. Until then . . .

Infinonytune: Eldorado Cafe, Billy Price
Infinonytune: Boilermaker, Glenn Pavone and the Cyclones


Jim Estep said...

Lest we forget, Glenn Pavone would have died a great man had he never played a note. We loved his talent, his electric performances, always reflecting his mood, always just a little different. But, it is the quiet, kind, gentle, humble, courageous man I shall remember. My condolences to Nancy, to Val and Cathy, and to Frankie. Godspeed, Glenn Pavone.

Unknown said...

Sometimes you remember an artist's name, oftentimes you don't. I heard Glenn Pavone with the KRB when I lived in Pgh in the 80s. I never forgot GP and what a talent he was long after I left the 'Burgh. Living in the Rocky Mts now but reading that he has passed on makes for a very sad night. You rocked the house Glenn and you'll be missed.

Reed Humphrey, Missoula MT

Infinonymous said...

After disengaging from Roy Buchanan, Billy seemed to purposely construct a band and choose material in which the guitar was controlled, a complement rather than the star. Glenn mastered and then transcended that role.

For a number of years, that edition of the Keystone Rhythm Band -- with the Iron City Houserockers -- brought talent too big for the room to the Decade, but managed to cram it in so it fit perfectly.

If anyone recorded some of those Decade shows, it's past time for the recordings to become available.