Sunday, August 16, 2009

Glenn Pavone: Rocked But Still Rocking

Please read Rege Behe's account, in today's Tribune-Review, of the struggles and transendence of Glenn Pavone of the Cylones.

Then, please treat yourself to a show or two by the Cyclones, Billy Price (with whom Glenn played when the Decade was still roaring), the Iron City Houserockers (who seem to be reuniting), Bill Toms, Bill Deasy, the Clarks, or the other local artists defending Pittsburgh against a decline into the faux-twang hell of modern country music.

I can't find an upcoming appearance by the Cylcones to include in the "Please Step Awat From The Screen" listings (middle column). But the Iron City Houserockers concerts being arranged at the Altar Bar (first weekend in December?) deserve a spot on your calendar, and any Billy Price or Bill Toms show is worth considering. When I get information on Glenn Pavone's next appearance, I will post it.

UPDATE: Another story of a musical journey, this one featuring a performer of somewhat greater notoriety . . . or maybe a complete unknown . . .

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Lauren said...

R.I.P. Glenn. I am honored to have called you a friend & I will miss you.