Sunday, August 23, 2009

If You Can't Step Away From The Screen (Vol.3)

I keep meaning to add a movie to the "If You Can't Step Away From The Screen" list (which follows the "Please Step Away From The Screen" list in the center column) each week, but until someone shuts down the URA, Luke tapes Zober's mouth shut (and vice versa), Judge Wettick introduces Dan Onorato to the constitution, Kevin Acklin's supporters stop requiring regular spankings, and Mylan starts stops producing asswipes, that schedule is probably too ambitious.

This is late notice, but a great film -- featuring smart writing, one of film's greatest villains, and a strong local angle -- is to be broadcast in the Pittsburgh area tonight (7:30, on a channel called WPCW). The Silence Of The Lambs earned five Oscars (the five: picture, writing, directing, actoring, actressing) after being filmed in locations such as the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, McKeesport, Western Center (Canonsburg), the former Allegheny County Jail, and Perryopolis.

Is it difficult to focus on spotting local landmarks, however, when Dr. Hannibal Lecter -- a physician who provides new meaning to "pathologist," at the intersection of erudition and dysfunction -- psychoanalyzes fledgling FBI agent Clarice Starling, demonstrates the power of attention to detail and deductive reasoning, or discusses culinary concepts.

There might be a dozen better films in America's inventory. There might not be. I encourage you to try to resolve that issue.

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