Sunday, August 9, 2009

Proof WWVB Does Not Work For The County or City (And Especially Not The Airport Authority)

Just as the Airport Authority (a particularly sketchy part of the county's financial shell game, consequent to a ruinous decline in customers) experiences a predictable and ominous decline in bond rating, the proprietor of WWVB refutes any prospect he might work for local government; this makes too much sense.
The Obi-Wan angle*: If Rendell's next employer (you know he has the gig already lined up), Onorato's biggest bankroller (Mr. Doich), or Ravenstahl's college roommate can figure out a way to make money on this idea, it just might be adopted as official government policy.

* our only hope


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just came across this. Thanks very much for the link!

Infinonymous said...


I frequently begin one of your dissertations neither knowing nor caring about the subject . . . and end with the feeling I learned something worthwhile.