Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now We Know Which Bait Works Best With Nuts

Responding to Pittsburgh's grapple with special-circumstance legislation concerning the balance between protest and order during the G-20 event, gun rights advocates have raised legitimate questions about the propriety of proposed provisions concerning guns.
The city may be trying to "bait people" to bring rifles to G-20 protests, said Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder of, which encourages people to openly carry guns.
He said his group is not telling members to bring guns to G-20 protests.
If you believe the proposed legislation constitutes an attempt to "bait" anyone, you are a gun nut.
If the proposed legislation would "bait" you to bring a rifle to a G-20 protest, you are a gun nut.
And there is no nut quite like the gun nut.


Anonymous said...

lame. judging by your posts, you rank right up there.

Infinonymous said...

Which part is lame? Acknowledging genuine issues concerning the right to keep a firearm for self-defense in the home, or recognizing that a citizen who fancies rifle-toting on a downtown street during the G20 event is a nut?