Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Succeed In Life Without Really Trying

Aspiring young journalists who spent the decade following high school studying journalism, editing their college newspapers, completing internships, developing their craft at small publications and repaying student loans have learned that they miscalculated.

The proper preparation for a network assignment, it turns out, would have been bleaching their hair, partying hardy, getting arrested, pledging the Kappas as a legacy, getting arrested again and -- most important by far -- ensuring their father was a President, their grandfather was a President, and their great-grandfather was a Senator.

What's next? Hiring the Obama girls to cover Fed policy during summer vacations and over Christmas break?

P.S. Speaking of the value of education, check the "Back To School Specials" at Infinonyvision (right).


little_minx said...

Sheesh, Jenna Bush Hager was a Theta (= Kappa Alpha Theta), not a Kappa (= Kappa Kappa Gamma). And while we're visiting the subject of U/T-Austin sorority gals, Lynda Bird Johnson was a ZTA (Zeta Tau Alpha) there.

Infinonymous said...

You are correct, minx. I was wrong.

What's worse, I knew it: Pitt's Kappas and Thetas shared a house at Bayard and Bellefield and, as Frank Sinatra remarked about Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth, 'I done 'em both.'

Worth watching: