Sunday, August 9, 2009

So, I Finally Went To A Pirates Game . . .

because O.A.R. was scheduled to perform a postgame concert. It wasn't surprising that the Pirates were outclassed by Albert Pujols and his Cardinals teammates -- predictable and deserved -- but who would have guessed that Marc Roberge would lose his voice one song into the performance?

I left when a fireworks display began 10 minutes after it became apparent Roberge couldn't sing, and apparently missed a game attempt by a raspy Roberge to make it through About Mr. Brown, a favorite. I don't blame the Pirates for this -- especially not when there is already ample reason to blame the organization for just about everything else -- but I believe Pittsburgh deserves a full-strength version of a fine song (and, because About Mr. Brown can't be embedded, that song is Conquering Fools):

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