Thursday, August 13, 2009

Synonym For Donkey, Found In "Assessment" ...

The Post-Gazette just posted its report of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's order denying Allegheny County more time to avoid its constitutional obligations with respect to fair assessment of property taxes.

The P-G adds a couple of angles to this story.

First, the P-G describes "what is now an inevitable reassessment."

Second, it ascribes to Donald Driscoll, one of the plaintiffs' lawyers, this appraisal: "It's now just a matter of when. A reassessment is coming. It's now just a question of whether it will happen soon enough for the 2010 tax year."

Then, it includes Dan Onorato's assessment of this legal development: "Nothing has changed."

If that wasn't enough to cause officials of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (which counts Mr. Onorato among its graduates) to begin researching retroactive rescission of law degrees, Mr. Onorato's amplification of that remark -- "I'm a lawyer, and . . . I don't believe judges should order something that the people in the county don't want" -- must be enough to have mayors of countless Southern cities looking for time machines to hop into, hoping to recruit Mr. Onorato to handle their Civil Rights-era litigation.

That Mr. Onorato would make such statements to a reporter indicates anew that he assumes there is no Post-Gazette delivery in Judge Wettick's neighborhood. That, or he enjoys sending Mike Wojcik to jurisprudential slaughter sessions.

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