Sunday, August 30, 2009

How Much Of A Dick Are You If You Are Most Likeable When Shooting Friends In The Face?

George W. Bush has had the decency to remain silent as others have worked to address the problems caused by his failures; in turn, Americans are neither pestering him for an apology nor holding him to exacting account for his mistakes.

Dick Cheney lacks that decency. Today, the former vice president blasted the investigation of whether certain government agents overstepped even the cretinous rules established by the weak, cowardly, overwhelmed policy-makers of the Bush administration as "clearly a political move," and expressed his comfort with the prospect that some lines were crossed when shackled prisoners were beaten to death or innocents were shipped to outsourced torture venues.

Why does Cheney conclude the investigation to be political? Because "there is no other rationale for why they are doing this." One must excuse Mr. Cheney on this point; his immoral nature prevents him from apprehending the reasons a decent people might wish to examine incidents of torture and murder

The interview offers more insights into Cheney's depravity and delusion. You know what "offends the hell out of" a man an entity such as Dick Cheney? That President Obama hasn't solicited Cheney's advice on anti-terrorism tactics. You know what Cheney regrets? That he never got the chance to bomb Iran. You know what else? Calling Dick Cheney scum would unfairly disparage congealed algae.

Every day the Republican Party refrains from disowning Cheney and his chickenhawk daughter is a day of shame for every Republican. Our country works best with two functioning political parties, and our country will be grappling with the consequences of eight years of Bush and Cheney for some time, so I hope the Republicans regain their footing soon.

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