Sunday, August 2, 2009

Surveying The Propositions Board (Far Right)

Iron City/PWSA Payback odds adjusted to reflect Dowd's outmaneuvering of the mayor's office, likely an expensive development for Iron City's owners. Comet pounced on newly attractive numbers before Board revised. Related: Dowd prospects improve; rat-a-thon risk lowers Sewergate indictment number.

Wilson, Sanchez trades mean bets on Pirates success continue to be losers. Like the club's owners. And the fools who gave them a stadium.

Management thanks everyone who wagered on state budget enactment. Not a single winning ticket yet.

Specter and Toomey appear destined to joust, which is good news for Democrats. Neither Onorato nor Wagner generating excitement, which is good news for GOP.

Board ignores Palin divorce rumor, but still marks hers most likely socialcon scandal.

DeJuan Blair seems slimmer (maybe biggest point for the young man), and is smiling, but Board wonders why Spurs haven't confirmed agent's "guaranteed" money announcement. Board still likes Young as top pro from last season's Panthers.

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