Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Onorato Pushes Yet Another GOP Platform Point

Dan Onorato provided another reason for everyone other than conservatives to disregard his candidacy for governor today, proposing state grants and vouchers to reimburse parents who choose private schools. This line of reasoning, if consistently applied, should generate additional announcements from Onorato's campaign:

  • a call to subsidize bottled water for those who disdain municipal tap water

  • support for grants to those who prefer to avoid public roads and therefore purchase helicopters

  • advocacy of a program that would reimburse citizens who would rather use a private club's treadmill than jog on public sidewalks

Candidate Onorato offered no details or financial projections, which suggests today's event might have derived more from political calculation and staging than principled policy concerns. After all, this is the compaign that, when preparing to file challenges to nomination petitions in Philadelphia, described -- in writing -- the citizens it had arranged to act as petitioners "2 woman, 3 men, 1 african american man."

So when the Onorato campaign arranges a public event prominently featuring Sen. Anthony Williams in Philadelphia, a natural first thought is "prop."

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Anonymous said...

wtf is it with you and Onorato? you think Corbett is better?

Infinonymous said...

Type "Corbett" into the search box (upper left corner of Infinonymous' main page). Then, after three minutes of reading, take a wild guess concerning the answer to your second question.

If you can't spare three minutes, this should answer both questions in less than 30 seconds.

Nathan Benefield said...

Are you suggesting government get out of funding education entirely, or just "screw you, poor kids, you're stuck with the failing violent public school too which you've been assigned."?

Also, food stamps can be used to buy bottled water, welfare payments are used for private transportation costs, and government funding for wellness plans (including gym membership) are all the rage these days.

Infinonymous said...

The condition of schools in Duquesne, Clairton and similar spots is a shameful indictment of every Pennsylvanian. Statewide school taxation might be an answer; subsidizing Shady Side tuition for Fox Chapel residents (to accompany their assessment subsidies), or Sewickley Academy tuition for inhabitants of Edgeworth, not so much.

MH said...

Last I checked, Pittsburgh Public Schools spend more per pupil than all but the Protestanty private schools, at least for the grade schools.

(I'm for more charter schools, but probably not subsidizing the parochial schools because I don't think it would help the parochial schools.)

Fallowfield said...

It is true! It is positively true!!
Before the operation Onorato and Ravenstahl were conjoined twins.
Does this help explain their Pittsburgh destroying politics??
Onorato as the governor of Pa.---
OMG help us.