Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Scoop On Pirates' Profits, from The P-G The Trib KDKA WTAE WPXI WQED Deadspin

Deadspin has posted some financial information concerning the publicly subsidized, privately pillaged Pittsburgh Baseball Club.

Discerning Pittsburghers (a group that apparently excludes the public officials who arrange subsidies and monitor lease compliance in InsolvenCity and Allegheny County, and the prominent publications that chronicle local events daily) already knew that the substantial public investment of cash and land in the Pirates had led to decreased attendance, decreased payroll and the worst sustained performance by a team in the history of America's major professional sports -- or, in Post-Gazette editorial terms, 'sweet, sweet success' -- but might find some of the specific figures as fascinating as the Nuttings' accountants do.

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if nobody else will say it I will, great headline