Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Senator To Police: Please Don't Enforce Stupid Laws Those Idiots In The Legislature Enact

A Pennsylvania legislator is asking police to refrain from enforcing the state's liquor laws (specifically, it appears, open container laws), which enforcement appears to conflict with her constituents' enjoyment of a music festival.

She also is asking the Liquor Control Board to examine the issue, which jeopardizes her constituents' profits.

Instead of asking police to engage in selective enforcement, and expecting the Liquor Control Board to bend the rules for a favored few (as it has for supermarkets and gas stations), Sen. Lisa Boscola should spend her time changing stupid laws.


ChrisP said...

Telling commentary on the state of elected officials,
not realizing changing bad legislation is actually
in the job description, instead seeing the office as
the place from which one can start asking for favors.

'Cuz, you know, the laws are for the other people...

Jefferson wept.

Fallowfield said...

It appears the Senator will need to be watched closely.