Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As Usual, The Bigots Blew It: Hitler Was A Jew

Hitler was probably related to the Jews he exterminated and Africans he hated.

Half of the gay-bashers in the Republican Party are eventually discovered to be trolling at public rest rooms, consorting (as in, having their baggage handled) with RentBoy.commers, or "over-repenting" for meth-fueled binges with same-sex prostitutes.

The rest of the family values team spends its time scoring hillbilly heroin in darkened parking lots, modeling diapers for whores, island-hopping with a big bag of contraband boner pills, and demonstrating its commitment to holy matrimony by getting married over and over again (when not banging an employee who happens to be a friend's wife).

Some people -- even gays, agnostics, atheists and others seen as unfit by today's social conservatives -- might find a lesson in all of this.

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MH said...

might find a lesson in all of this.

You need to learn how to put on a diaper?

(True story: I had to fly through Minneapolis and I held it until I got on the plane. I'm so good looking, I didn't want to tempt any other dudes.)