Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FBI Protecting Us By Infiltrating WikiLeaks, Nabbing Wikipedia For Impersonating Agent

Remember when U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan was telling everyone the Bush administration needed Constitution-trampling powers because everyone at her office was devoting every waking moment to attempting to protect us from annihilation by terrorists camped just outside Wilmerding . . . although it turned out what she was actually doing consisted of prosecuting felonious faxers, fake penis-producers and authors of bad fiction (when not spending a half-million taxpayer dollars on trips to fancy social events and far-right policy conferences)?

Turns out she might have been merely following federal policy, because the government that attacked the wrong country and couldn't find Osama bin Laden with a nine-year pole has decided to protect the American way of life by infiltrating WikiLeaks and prosecuting Wikipedia's website for impersonating an FBI agent.

(This evokes the scene from Midnight Run -- a great movie -- in which an FBI agent (Yaphet Kotto) warns a skip-tracer (Robert DeNiro) that the FBI regards impersonation of an agent as a serious offense, and DeNiro's character responds: 'Ten years for impersonating a Fed? No kidding? So how come no one's after you?')

Anybody else feel safer already?

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