Friday, August 6, 2010

The Clustermuck: Hopeful Moves Forward, But We Should Not Avert Our Eyes From The Past

Pres. Obama has announced an important milestone in resolving the greatest moral, strategic and fiscal mistake -- responding to the September 11 attack by attacking the wrong country, botching the occupation, compromising our laws and principles, and permitting Afghanistan to drift into a hopeless clustermuck -- of the United States' most recent half-century.

The Associated Press, meanwhile, has reminded us that revelations of the details of our failures will continue long after the last soldier has been recalled, the last dollar wasted, the last overmatched ideologue excused from accountability.


Vannevar said...

There's really no justification for what we're doing over there other than "they/we started something". The Afghans are parleying with the Taliban. The Pashtuns are working with the Pakistanis. Somehow, our young men are dying in the middle of it.

I could not explain to a grieving parent how the loss of their child was justified.

And FWIW, I'm not a peace-loving pinko, and I've done my patriotic chore.

Infinonymous said...

Let us hope this was the biggest mistake any of us will ever watch our government make, if only because of the magnitude of what would be required to top this one.