Tuesday, August 3, 2010

List Of Forty "Democrats For Toomey" Even Less Impressive Than Republican Candidate Toomey

Pat Toomey -- who is as moderate as one of his nightclubs was a "restaurant" -- has issued a list of 40 "Democrats For Toomey."

Who are these prized, picked-off, pronouncement-worthy Democrats? Elected officials? Party representatives? Long-time liberal activists? Big-time Democratic donors?

The local names are uniformly unimpressive; not one is known, let alone prominent, in the Democratic Party.

The online claim to fame of West Homestead's Michael Zagnacky, for example, is a $25 dollar contribution to Jeff Piccola -- state senator and Republican Whip Jeffrey Piccola, among the hardest-right legislators in Harrisburg -- in 2005. If Mr. Zagnacky is a Democrat, he appears not be a fanatic about it.

Pittsburgh's Thomas Ferris is difficult to find online. As are Constance Timko of Munhall, Valencia' Thomas Rice and Whitehall's William Epler. One place at which they are not found: A list of Democratic Committee members.

Greensburg's Nicholas Kosor's online identity consists primarily of a $75 contribution to the Country First Political Action Committee, whose proprietor is Republican presidential candidate John McCain. This suggests it was not necessarily Toomey's insight and brilliance that wrested Mr. Kosor from his Democratic Party roots.

Louis Burdell of North Braddock? A pair of $25 donations to America's Foundation. That's the PAC of Rick Santorum (R-JesusLand). It appears the Dems lost Lou even before Pat Toomey stopped peddling quarter beers and became a Senate candidate.

James Gallaso of Aliquippa? His online badge is a signature on the "We Stand With Arizona Against Illegal Immigration" petition at the GOPetition website. Sounds like another tough grab for Toomey.

From millions of registered Pennsylvania Democrats, Pat Toomey is boasting about snagging 40 who appear to be too dumb to recognize they're registered as members of the wrong political party.

If any of the 40 "Democrats For Toomey" wishes to correct the record concerning Democratic Party bona fides, the Infinopportunity will be provided.

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