Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who's Still On Team Roethlisberger? Just Dick's

Dick's Sporting Goods, still silent concerning whether it intends to continue to pay Ben Roethlisberger to represent that company, has received assistance with its deliberations from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which released a massive volume of information from its investigative files. It appears to be, for Dick's, a difficult call: Should a national retailer pay for the privilege of being associated with a man of Ben Roethlisberger's character and record?

The company deserves a reasonable period in which to examine the documents and recorded interviews. If, however, Dick's has not announced a decision within a week, the public -- especially the women targeted by Dick's marketers with respect to sports bras, cheerleader supplies and skorts -- should be entitled to conclude that the company's silence is a case of the guys at Dick's just being Dick's.

The Infinoffer to publish a Dick's coupon expires next Friday.

UPDATE: Welcome back, Infivisitors from Dick's Sporting Goods. In case Dick's hires so many people to monitor the Intertubes that you aren't the same corporate representatives who showed up here just as promptly the last time Dick's was in the Infinews, here's the standing proposition: If your company takes a stand that exhibits character, Infinonymous will publish a Dick's coupon -- your choice, no charge -- to thank Dick's for being a good corporate citizen. If Dick's remains mute and obsequious, however, expect to be mocked periodically. (Unless you use that chug-a-lug photograph in stores to promote joggers' bottles, in which case you will be, like, totally in the clear.)

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