Thursday, June 17, 2010

InsolvenCity's Human Centipede Can Speak!

The Ravenstahl administration, whose customary approach is to fight disclosure of public information (of all stripes, or patterns) to the death -- and then argue that death renders disclosure moot -- has loudly publicized its calculation of prospective carrying costs associated with the soon-to-be-abandoned Civic Arena.

This untested information is being circulated because it supports the storyline that Dan Onorato, Luke Ravenstahl and their "independent" consultant (Human Centipede component Chris Cieslak) are pushing: That anyone proposing illumination or examination of their plan to demolish the Civic Arena without delay (enabling Onorato and Ravenstahl to distribute pricey plums among campaign contributors already queuing at the site) is a history-hugging, progress-hating communist.

It's reminiscent of Tom Murphy -- without the charm and the smarts.


Anonymous said...

Ok for real, I just need to ask, if Ravenstahl was calling for the reuse of the Igloo, would you be saying it should be demolished because it is a burden on taxpayers?

Infinonymous said...

Don't know what should be done with the Civic Arena.

Neither does Ravenstahl, or Onorato, or their puppet Cieslak.

A proper process might generate a sensible plan. Public officials being led around by the nostrils by developers, and insisting on short-circuiting any independent analysis, does not constitute an adequate plan.

But, based on Ravenstahl's performance today (compounding his incompetent handling of the G20 police by installing puppets at the Police Review Board), the reflex to oppose any judgment he makes seems a reliable one, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Post Gazette put this in the paper today, just thought you'd want to know but they left out the human centipeed part

Anonymous said...

A "proper process," what does that even mean? Who leads that process? Does Rob Pfaffman lead the process so that he can end up with a fat contract for the master planning and then land being the architect? Do the residents of the Hill get to lead the process or will a bunch of elitists from the E. End tell them what is good for them?

Infinonymous said...

What sort of process would you prefer, Anonymous 8:02? Does the current process suffice?

Thanks, Anonymous 2:55. The P-G sometimes seems a bit squeamish concerning some Inficontent, which is understandable. (Although, in this case, the P-G has no problem reviewing the "Human Centipede" in excruciating detail, but draws a line when the concept is associated with the guy it will endorse for governor.)