Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Luke: "Hey, Obama, My Man!"

Let us not forget the deft manner in which Mayor Ravenstahl (with help from Dan Onorato) set up today's big pitch for Pittsburgh with President Obama:

Luke's lines in next video:
"Wait 'til Obama sees us ... he loves us." (0:22)
Obama reaction to Luke: 0:42
"Hey, Obama, my man! (1:39)
Obama reaction to Luke: 1:42

Pres. Obama (right) experiences flashback of his ride into town with Mayor Ravenstahl before gathering himself and beginning prepared remarks at CMU today.

Infinonytune: Shout, The Isley Brothers

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Anonymous said...

seems wrong to laugh about this but if you remember how Luke treated Obama the idea of this punk thinking he is gonna talk Obama into lifting a finger for us is pretty funny