Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Burgh Plans: Treehouse, Shed, Armed Camp

Big plans for InsolvenCity:

Treehousegate: After what is reported to have been a civil, reasoned discussion, at a well-attended community meeting, of a proposal to place a memorial treehouse "children's outdoor learning and activity space" that "creatively interpret[s] the notion of a treehouse" in Frick Park, Intertubers are back on the (somewhat attenuated) rampage, at the back-in-business Comet and elsewhere.

• Until the entire cost of the proposed project (including a maintenance annuity) is in a dedicated account, there should be no hurry because any discussion is premature.

• The memorial's original proponent seems reasonable, which makes the fuseless fury of a number of her fans more difficult to understand (or accept).

• That the project is to be a memorial should have no bearing on any analysis of where or whether it should be constructed. That leaves plenty of legitimate factors -- traffic, parking, noise, finances, public benefit -- to consider.

North Shore Uglitheatre: The Steelers informed their marionettes the City Planning Commission that their needlessly subsidized shed will consist primarily of a 70-yard-wide (and illuminated, most likely) billboard for American Eagle Outfitters. For a vivid illustration of the value and results of public subsidies of North Side entertainment and dining facilities, check the vacant corner restaurant space (right) directly across the street from taxpayers' $200 million investment in PNC Park.

The School That Ate Oakland: Pitt proposes another 150 beds at Bouquet Gardens, with a "24-hour manned security station." Is that level of security needed to protect Pitt students from Oakland, Oakland from Pitt students, or Pitt students from out-of-control paramilitary forces commanded by Luke Ravenstahl and Dan Onorato?

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Bram Reichbaum said...

"out-of-control paramilitary forces commanded by Luke Ravenstahl and Dan Onorato"

That really happened, didn't it? What a week.

Infinonymous said...

It really happened. As usual, however, most Pittsburghers won't pay attention until the civil damages -- tens of millions of dollars, ideally -- must be paid.

MH said...

tens of millions of dollars, ideally

You won't get that without a death or disability.

Anonymous said...

Just curious...why are they putting a memorial to Penn Hills kids in the city of Pittsburgh? Or am I missing something?