Thursday, June 24, 2010

Academic Solution To InsolvenCity Pensions?

When Luke hears about* this ingenious retroactive method of improving troublesome numbers, the parking garage sale from hell may go on the back burner.

At least until the List-Makers remind him, sternly, of the cream to be skimmed.

* A rhetorical device; Luke obviously already is aware of this, because the first thing he does each morning is to devour the entire New York Times, just before immersing himself in The Economist.


Anonymous said...

HA, HA, everyone knows that Lukey spendings his moringing having Joanna Doven read Spider Man comic books to him!

No time for the NYT or The Economist. Those publications are just for sissy, progressive, East End elistist who aren't "Real Pittsburghers." (Just ask any of Lukey's friends how progressives and East Enders aren't "Real Pittsburghers."

No "Real Pittsburgher" has anything above a 3rd grade reading level or a vocabulary above that of a high functioning moron. That's why every "Real Pittsburgher" loves Lukey!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Little Lukey and his partner in crime, Rev Burgess are afraid of what an independent study of the parking lease will reveal. First they try to claim it is illegal, now this....

Anonymous said...

Details on Rev. Burgess' attempt to withold information can be found here

InsideAgitator said...

Let alone the Supreme Court decisions re. the "honest services" doctrine. Could be helpful, Mr.Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Good point IA, It seems that Luke and his buddy, Richard Burgess, are unaware of the doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous June 25, 8:59:

Unfortunately, like the rest of our fair city, you are a day late and a dollar short regarding the "Honest Services Doctrine."

The U.S. Supreme Court literally gutted the doctrine as of an opinion that was filed yesterday.

This is good news for the CEOs of Enron type companies as well as for corrupt politicians everywhere in America.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 12:23:

This is not a get out of jail free card for the corrupt public officials of our fair city. They are still in the prosecutorial crosshairs:

The court, in an opinion written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, said prosecutors may continue to seek honest services fraud convictions in cases where they put forward evidence that defendants accepted bribes or kickbacks.

From the same source: