Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wayfaring 19th Warder Resigns; Issues Remain

The Slagger reports that Kimberly Cagni, woman-about-towns, claimed a city residence just long enough to get elected to a Democratic Committee position and vote in the surprisingly contested election for 19th Ward Chair -- and then took what appears to be the disingenuous coward's way out, resigning before the Democratic Party could resolve a challenge to her residential eligibility.

Does the resignation dispel any election (im)propriety issues, such as those related to the content of a sworn petition? That question might interest county election officials and/or the district attorney (can anyone else resist the conclusion that if Cagni's name were Orie she'd already be in stocks outside the Courthouse?); Anthony Coghill, or any Democrat interested in the integrity of the party's affairs, might want to help them find their Sherlock Holmes hats and magnifying glasses.


Unfrozen caveman lawyer said...

I'm just a simple caveman who fell on some ice and was later thawed by your scientists. Your city's politics frighten and confuse me. But, I do know that sometimes I'm confused about where I live. The suburbs are a vaguely important part of our region and we shouldn't stop suburban residents from voting in or working for our city. Let's find a cheesey pasta to blame and move on.

deegazette said...

I still think this situation taints the wagners. Yes, that will be the punishment. Never again should their last name begin with a capital letter!!! So there!!

Anonymous said...

Coghill has been vindicated. The District Attorney should review all past Election Petitions Cagni has submitted for possible fraud.Can "party bosses" who knew where Cagni actually lived, but looked the other way, be charged with malfeasance? Or is the Allegheny Democratic Party a "self governing entity"?