Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Reading: Last Of June Edition

Indecency: The P-G finds an apologist for people and institutions that systematically facilitate and conceal sexual abuse of children -- and provides a platform.

Academia: This is getting out of control.

Dixie: Southerners exhibit enlightenment concerning minority candidates -- so long as Nimrata Randhawa runs as "Nikki Haley" and Piyush Amrit Jindall uses the natural nickname "Bobby." (Texans are still traditionalists, though.)

Stupidity: "How stupid we are," indeed.


Anonymous said...

Re: Academia -- This is out of control

I applaud Duquesne University School of Law for finally standing behind its students so that they will not be disadvantaged in the job market by choosing to attend a law school whose grading policies were not in line with other law schools.

Many prospective employers are not savvy enough to understand the nuances/differences in grading policies between the various law schools.

Duquesne has been handicapping its graduates for years by using various grading schemes that generally deflated the G.P.A.s of its students.

During an ugly period of time in the 90s, they adopted a shoot-yourself-in-the-foot grading policy that mandated that 1/3 of each academic class that would be tested on the state bar exam be assigned failing grades. Needless to say, students learned to avoid any class that taught a subject area that would be tested on the Pennsylvania bar exam.

Pitt is far more liberal in their grading policies and that they allow a student to re-take any class in which the student did not receive a satisfactory grade and thus improve his/her G.P.A. Unlike D.U., which would flunk-out the student and make him/her start over as a first year retaking every course, even if the student was a second or third year?

I read somewhere that 80% of Harvard grads (undergraduates) graduate summa cum laude. Only a miniscule percentage of Duquesne undergraduates graduate with such a distinction.

The secret is out -- if your parents have the pull and the money to get you into a top-notch school -- you will get a high G.P.A.

Maria said...

RE: The Catholic Church.

Maurice Welsh Gable neatly leaves out the part where as recently as 2001, RATzinger sealed all the Bishops to respond with silence on the matter of sexually abusive clergy.

I guess that would be a sin of omission for Gable, no?