Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Margaret Poplawski, Still Classy (Still Not Scum)

Margaret Poplawski, whom one could blame (or praise) for the existence of Infinonymous, is back in the news.

An apology? Expression of contrition? Condemnation of her opprobrious offspring?

How about litigation against the City of Pittsburgh seeking money for the damage caused to her house by bullets fired by police during the ambush-commenced siege in which her heavily armed, racist, gun-nut son murdered three officers? (Plus reimbursement of her living expenses since her call lured to officers to their deaths, naturally.)

Until the complaint is made public, it is impossible to know whether the Poplawski family -- which earlier accused police of stealing from them -- demands compensation for the stains caused by the slain officers' blood.

Even if that claim has been advanced, however, Margaret "what are those police officers doing to my boy" Poplawski is still not scum.

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