Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mr. Poplawski's 'Friends and Family' Plan: Another Loser

At least three persons connected to Richard Poplawski -- two self-identified friends, and a woman described as a relative -- have been able to shake aside their grief and shame long enough to
offer their insights concerning Mr. Poplawski while in close proximity to broadcasters' microphones.

One, Ed Perkovic, described himself as a close friend who had spoken with Mr. Poplawski during the siege. He sugarcoated Mr. Poplawski's vile delusions -- perhaps because he shared them -- although he shed a bit of light on the situation by mentioning the "Zionists" and exhibited decency by observing that nothing justified Mr. Poplawski's murderous conduct. Mr. Perkovic said he never would have expected Saturday's events, a point difficult to square with the police affidavit recounting Mrs. Poplawski's statement that her son had been stockpiling guns and ammunition while admittedly awaiting a Zionist-Obama End Of The World As We Know It.

Another, Jeff Loeffler, labeled Mr. Poplawski a "good guy" who was "really smart" (echoing the other pal's MySpace observation that Mr. Poplawski is "a genius") -- in short, said Mr. Loeffler, "the guy you wanted to be around."

The aunt, Marianne Klimczyk, agreed that this violent rage came out of nowhere, adding that her nephew "was a good kid" (although "maybe a little depressed") who was "never in trouble." (This creates two possibilities: (a) the aunt had missed (1) the expulsion from school, (2) the washout with the Marines, (3) the several arrests, (4) the repeated police calls at the house, (5) the violent confrontations with neighbors, (6) the participation a in white supremacist website, (7) the physical abuse of a former girlfriend, (8) the apocaplytic ranting, (9) the Max Max preparations, (10) the basement bunker of a guy who slept with a pistol under his pillow and (11) Mr. Poplawski's life in general, or (b) the poor woman suffers from comprehensive synaptic dysfunction. Survey says: the latter.) She allowed that she had been aware her nephew had possessed a machine gun, but described that as "recreational . . . for hunting . . . "

Ms. Klimczyk expressed grave concern . . . about her nephew's reputation: "I don't want the stories about my nephew [his loser's past, his racism and misogyny, his gun nuttiness] to come out the wrong way."

Clues for the demonstrably clueless: If you believe Richard Poplawski was or is a 'good guy' or 'really smart' or 'a genius,' it is time to reevaluate your life -- your opinions, your associations, your standards -- and make substantial changes. If genuinely you didn't see this coming, you probably should add professional counseling to the mix. And even if you want to continue to believe such childish dribble, develop a shred of self-awareness and recognize that no one wants to listen to it, especially while the civilized mourn the consequences of the embodiment of pathetic dysfunction that was Richard Poplawski, Friends and Family Edition.

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