Friday, April 10, 2009

Did Karl Rove Say Something?

I see Karl Rove on television lately, no doubt babbling about something that should send viewers into uncontrollable, rib-twisting retches, but I have no idea what it is . . . because unless Karl Rove (or anyone associated with the Bush Jr. administration) starts with a heartfelt "I apologize . . ." I don't much care about what follows.

Someone at the University of Pittsburgh decided it would be worthwhile to pay Rove $40,000 for an eight-hour visit to campus a year or so ago. How far beyond Earth's orbit must one be to believe that a bunch of 20-year-olds want to hear anything from anyone from the God-guns-and-gays brigade that is today's Republican Party, let alone "the architect?" How warped must one be to conclude that eight hours of Rove's time is worth $40,000 of money taken from students through activity fees? That money could have funded two or three full-tuition scholarships.

The person who made that call (and the previous year's decision to invite the bottle-blonde, barren, fornicating spinster and "family values" morality lecturer named Ann Coulter) is too dumb to live. Good thing he has student activity fees (rather than any money he would be required to earn) to prop him up.

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