Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Poplawskis: Still Classy

Today, the Post-Gazette reports, Richard Poplawski's grandmother visited the scene of the crime and accused police of stealing her wallet and a wad of cash.

The Poplawskis also have asserted that police, after refraining from killing Mr. Poplawski, beat Mr. Poplawski while he was in custody.

The Poplawskis' accusations should be investigated (and not by anyone who had a close relationship with a victim), but seem lame -- for example, as the Post-Gazette noted, the Poplawskis assert that Richard Poplawski has been abused in custody while complaining they have had no contact with him since he was placed into custody. Predictions: The wallet is still in the house (perhaps buried under shell casings?) and any police-on-suspect action was precipitated by Mr. Poplawski's belligerence.

Mr. Poplawski's fellow "White Nationalists," meanwhile, are talking up a Storm(front).

This is a time for grieving and demonstrating respect; soon, however, it will be time for questions and answers. The questions are already stacked high.

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