Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kim Stolfer: Gun Nut

Kim Stolfer, described in today's Tribune-Review as chair of Firearms Owners Against Crime "and a life NRA member," is entitled to advocate that American citizens are entitled to possess guns for self-defense in the home. I agree with him regarding that point.

He also is entitled to advocate for broader positions with respect to weapons (concealed carry in public places, assault weapons, armor-piercing bullets, lack of registration, trafficking at gun shows -- heck, anti-tank weapons on rooftops and bundles of bazookas in basements). I largely disagree with him on those points, in part because unregistered assault weapons generate situations such as the triple homicide in Stanton Heights.

Mr. Stolfer is not, however, entitled to deny the costs associated with the positions he advocates. He may assert that benefits outweigh the costs, but he departs from logic and morality when he claims, according to the Tribune-Review, that "banning assault weaponss won't save police officers' lives" and that people would use other weapons to kill people if they are intent on doing so.

I am confident Pittsburgh police officers would express a preference that Richard Poplawski would have been armed with a small pistol or a knife or a hammer or a baseball bat when they were attempting to provide assistance as Officer Eric Kelly bled to death in the street as Mr. Poplawski used a 300-yard-range assault weapon to control the area. We can't ask Officer Kelly for a position on assault weapons -- which is one of the costs of the positions Mr. Stolfer advocates. 'Tis a pity Mr. Stolfer is not man enough to admit it.


Anonymous said...

1. You don't "register" guns. I don't know where you got that from.

2. If you think his AK was that effective, how many people did it kill. If he had a proper 308 sniper rifle he could have picked off cops all day long.

3. Learn the facts.

4. If police, including the Pittsburgh Police enforced laws instead of cutting deals there would be less criminals on the street.

5. The police dispatcher killed those cops.

"what kind of weapons"
"an ak47? where is it?"
"in his hands, he's wearing a vest?"

see where I am going?

Infinonymous said...

1. Guns are not required to be registered (possession, transaction). They should be.

2. I understand (vaguely) that the AK-47 jammed.

3. What facts? The one about how the Second Amendment entitles every gun nut to carry an automatic rifle around? The one about how the Constitution guarantees that every yahoo can buy and sell guns anonymously at gun shows?

4. That's the second strange reference to police in four points.

5. On the list of those responsible, the dispatcher is on the list, but below Poplawski, his family, and the people with whom he trafficked in guns on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

This pic FAILS
not only is the name of each gun on the opposite side of were its at but the so called "M-16" looks more like a M4 with a 20" or so long barrel & nice try putting a none standard 40rds clip on the Not M-16 to give it a more sinister look
and a semi auto AR-15 and AK-47 are not assault rifles
Assault rifles shoot more then 1 shot per trigger squeeze
Im not even going to start with this armor piercing bullets crap
most standard rifle rounds easly go through cop vests
Anti tank guns WOW scary Good luck finding one and when you do them ammo
What you think our tanks are made of Cardbord even RPGs dont work on them now
Bazookas Your kidding right
as if the anti tank gun+ammo was hard to find Wear are the Bazooka rockets available from
This is more crap than fact