Monday, April 6, 2009

More Questions Arising, More Answers Needed

Nothing overshadows the shock, grief and loss still hanging over the City of Pittsburgh, the region and those who knew and loved the fallen officers, but a number of issues must be addressed to ensure that justice is done.

First, a number of seemingly settled "facts" from published reports appear to be inaccurate. I see no deception or negligence; instead I see the natural rush and fog associated with reporting a story such as this one. But a couple of the apparently likely corrections could influence the judgments to be drawn with respect to the incident.

Second, a number of developments have intensified the questions concerning Mrs. Poplawski's conduct. I expect her to be charged, and I expect her to deserve it. UPDATE: Some of the "revised" information is favorable to Mrs. Poplawski, but the information available is incomplete and plenty of it is unfavorable.
Third, the attempted rescue and eventual death of Officer Eric Kelly appear to be substantially more complicated than is currently and generally understood.

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