Monday, April 6, 2009

Margaret Poplawski Is Angry (But Not Scum)

Margaret Poplawski, who did nothing to help police officers ambushed and shot on Saturday by a son she enabled to ambush them (if not because of the distress call she placed, then because she allowed the loser to assemble an arsenal to complement his derangement), expressed anger on Sunday.

What anger tore her away from somber reflection, from begging for forgiveness, from searching for a way to begin to make amends?

Not anger toward the reprehensible Richard Poplawski, who destroyed three lives and shattered families.

Not anger with respect to her many and severe failings.

Not even anger toward whatever general wickedness creates this type of inhumanity.

Instead, she is infuriated by the Post-Gazette's coverage of the senseless triple homicide and of the longstanding familial dysfunction underlying it.

In particular, the P-G reports, she demanded that the P-G stop publishing information about her and her son and stick to writing about the officers her son killed. If the P-G refrained from accepting her editorial advice, she threatened, it would "have the biggest lawsuit in the history of the city of Pittsburgh."

Her understanding of defamation and the legal system apparently resembles her grasp of parenting and morality.

I will refrain from labeling her low-rent scum not because of fear of a lawsuit but instead because (a) modest rents are good and (b) congealed algae deserves better.


JPF_2004 said...

She is scum - and so is his Aunt Marianne Kklimczyk who had the balls to say to the WTAE reported that her "nephew is a good kid". Yeah a cop murdering good kid....

They are all scum, trash, and they all should be in Jail for the crime of stupidity...

JPF_2004 said...

More... The scum trash Aunt goes on to say to the WTAE reporter "He has a few weapons. I know he has a machine gun, I know he has a couple rifles and I know he has a couple handguns…They're recreational, and for deer hunting and for everything. I mean, he's not a bad kid," Klimczyk said.”

What a fricken idiot…Yeah!! Recreational Machine Guns! And also good for deer hunting. What an imbecile! "He’s not a bad kid". Upon reflection Marianne, you’re right, he’s not a “bad kid”, he’s an evil kid, he’s a dark, ball-less, spineless, psychopath.

Make no mistake the mother (and family) are responsible for this tragedy too… They let him have recreational machine guns in her home… Just what every Marine Corp reject should have…

Make no further mistake, the mother didn’t warn the 911 operator about the guns. She was complicit. The NRA should hang it’s head in shame. No real man nor deer hunter ever needs an AK47 – they only serve one purpose and that is to kill in large quantities in a very unsporting way…

Anybody that reads this please take a moment to reflect on this incredibly sad story and send a check to the Pittsburgh Police Fallen Heros fund to support the children of these fallen officers.

Anonymous said...

"If the P-G refrained from accepting her editorial advice, she threatened, it would "have the biggest lawsuit in the history of the city of Pittsburgh."

BRING IT LADY! Her son is scum. Tell her to sue me.