Thursday, April 30, 2009

GOP Throwing Ultimate Stinkbombs At Specter

If your political party consists largely of lemons, the natural instinct is to try to make (and then peddle) lemonade. Trying to bruise Arlen Specter, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has unleashed a nasty website and robocalls intended to cultivate animus toward Sen. Specter by associating him with various undesirables.

So, which loathsome figures did the NRSC choose to quote in trying to tar Sen. Specter with the kind words of political pariahs? Osama bin Laden? Fidel Castro? Saddam Hussein?

Wrong, thrice wrong.

The Republicans, pulling out all stops already, are disparaging Specter by tying him to former President George W. Bush and former Senator Rick Santorum. If your lemons are of certain varietals, lemonade seems an unrealistic aspiration. Compost might be a better idea.

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