Thursday, June 17, 2010

Onorato Aims Postcard At Visiting Republicans But Democrats' Positions (And Hopes) Take Hits

When Dan Onorato sent an email to local Democrats boasting about taunting visiting Republicans outside the Renaissance today with a sure-to-be-snarky postcard, recipients might have eagerly clicked toward the promised payoff, imagining the Democratic barbs Dan would aim at the convening conservatives:
'Welcome to the Pittsburgh region, where people who actually follow the Golden Rule elect Democrats like Dan Onorato, who act promptly and straightforwardly to make discrimination against gays a thing of the past, not part of our present ...'

'Welcome to Allegheny County, where Democratic elected officials -- like Dan Onorato -- reject the Republican principle of regressive taxation by ensuring that the wealthy never profit obscenely (and unlawfully) at the expense of the middle class . . .'

'Welcome to Allegheny County, whose citizens walk the walk on "loving liberty" by electing Democrats --including Dan Onorato -- committed to preserving a women's freedom of choice . . .'

Well, maybe a few Democrats with a particularly poor memories got excited, for a moment, while waiting for the image to load.

Infinonytune: Please Mr. Postman, The Beatles

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PK said...

Most livable "region?" ??? Don't remember that from Forbes, Rand McNally et al. Also, I'm getting a bit tired of people conveniently forgetting that Dan isn't the stalwart of gay rights that many would think. Dan always seems to set his sails to the political winds:

And our own blessed Sue:

Dan will do what is expedient. He could use the Governorship to advance gay rights and domestic partnership within the Commonwealth. Will he? I have yet to be convinced. Dan is too worried about assuaging the Pennsylvania "T" to move into the governor's mansion.

Metcalfe be damned, PA could enact gay marriage ne partnership and we wouldn't implode. But god forbid that he should reach out to the citizens of Philly and the 'burgh to commit.