Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Good Old Days (Apparently Weren't)

Remember when the casino was going to be part of the solution to structural deficits in government budgets?

Remember when passing the "unpleasant," job-killing Allegheny County drink tax, a "lesser of the evils," was nevertheless necessary and worthwhile because it would save Port Authority Transit?

Remember when Luke Ravenstahl saved the jobs at Pittsburgh Brewing Company (an "achievement" for which he is still taking credit at his website -- although this mention ought to be enough to make it go away), just like the recently announced cave-in on water bills is going to "pave the way for redevelopment" of the former brewery site?

Infinonytune: Anticipation (The Good Old Days), Carly Simon

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MH said...

If you can remember back far enough, they used to fill potholes on even the side streets.