Friday, June 4, 2010

Pittsburgh Still Needs Him, Pittsburgh Still Feeds Him, When He's (Past) Sixty-Four

The managers of the new Taxpayers' Memorial Hockey Rink are crowing that they got their first pick to open the facility -- and, because the selection committee consisted of Vera, Chuck and Dave's grandparents 63-year-old slices of white bread, the first-round draft choice was a 67-year-old white guy whose band broke up 40 years ago.

Paul McCartney would have provided a fitting bookend to close the old arena, but perhaps a performer a few years decades more current might have been more suitable to christen the new building?

On the other hand, with admission at $250, Sir Paul will be just the ticket for the Allegheny Conference-Economy League-Aestique Cosmetic Surgery crowd that will inaugurate the latest chapter of Pittsburgh's future. Anyone know whether the (taxpayer-subsidized, natch) Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be the backing band to rock the house Burgh-style?

Infinonytune: When I'm 64, The Beatles


Bill Flanagan said...

The Allegheny Conference for Community Development and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership are proud to help our friends and partners at Consol and the Penguins usher in their best-in-class new arena, but your information is wrong in one respect - our organization is not officially associated with any cosmetic surgery center.

This is not a slight toward Aesthique or any other cosmetic surgery firm. We obviously appreciate all local businesses participation in Pittsburgh region's robust economy, which makes this area our nation's most livable. But we do feel it is important to dispel any misconceptions of a formal relationship.

I double-checked this, so thank you for correcting the record, and also for being part of what makes our region great!


Infinonymous said...

Thanks, "Bill," for the enjoyable comment.

Anonymous said...

You probably already know this but the Post Gazette put this in today's paper a couple pages after an editorial that talked about what a great coup it was to get McCartney