Monday, June 21, 2010

NEWS FLASH: A Day That Shall Live In Infamy (At Least At Corner Of Grant St. & InsolvenCity)

The List-Makers have dropped the big one on any semblance of InsolvenCity Council independence.

Someone should check which bunkers Dr. Dowd and Council President Harris are currently occupying . . . and when they entered them. (Councilors Burgess, Lavelle and Smith were, no doubt, "lucky" enough to be far from the point of detonation at the appointed hour.)

The Post-Gazette should have the details shortly.

This development indicates the List-Makers believe they possess the votes to seal the deal with respect to the ultimate garage sale.

UPDATE: Post-Gazette; Tribune-Review.


Bram Reichbaum said... ?

Anonymous said...

did Harris vote for the study?

Infinonymous said...

Every councilor (other than "Ricky Loves Lukey") voted to obtain independent information . . . several political lifetimes ago.

The signal here is unmistakable -- the garage sellers believe they have votes already lined up in five numbered spaces.

Anonymous said...

can we do the math?

1) Burgess
2) Smith
3) Dowd?
4) Harris?

how do they get to 5?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Anon 2:02 - Add LaVelle. Eliminate the question marks. That's five. Then, quite possibly add Shields and Rudiak (grudgingly) once it becomes clear that it's either the lease proposal or nothing at all.

Infinonymous said...

Lavelle, Burgess and Smith? There isn't an independent or functioning synapse among them. They will do precisely as Luke's puppeteers instruct.

Rudiak, Peduto, Shields and Kraus range from reflexively opposed to 'we need to see solid information before making any decision.'

Dowd and Harris are the keys -- which is not comforting to anyone who does not plan to profit mightily from a shortsighted sale of mispriced city assets.

This, friends, seems to be the straw hovering above the beleaguered camel's back. All the indictments in the world won't make up for the damage to be inflicted on the city.

If you own or lease property in InsolvenCity, get out now.

Anonymous said...

FACE IT - if Luke's so dumb, and he keeps winning what does that say about you and your friends?

Tkae your suburban crap - yeah I read your other stuff about not liking that city cops actually live in the city and scram back to Fox Chapel and Sewickly. Pittsburgh doesn't need you or your kind


TheTruth said...

Pittsburgh doesn't need you or your kind

Anon 2:33 is right Infin. Pittsburgh doesn't need your kind.

Pittsburgh is better off with a leader who is willing to hand over our strongest assets to "independent" list-making investors for pennies on the dollar.

This will allow Pittsburgh to maintain control of our pension funds for, oh, another year or so before the state takes them over. Luke wins!

And then when the state and our creditors come calling Pittsburgh, left without any way to produce revenue, will fail to meet our obligations. Luke wins!