Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pintek Rides Off The Road (Not Against Type)

No one (at last, no one you'd ever want to be around) sifts the conservatives from liberals at age eight or nine, but hindsight reveals it would have been easy: The conservatives were the guys who constantly yelled at kids on bikes, "Keep off my sidewalk."

You can't blame kids for failing to recognize that conservatives are mostly hot air -- children should be more interested in bikes and playgrounds and candy than in becoming familiar with easements and rights of way and property lines, which establish that the sidewalks don't belong to those jerks -- but adults have no such excuse.

Which means any adult who is not outraged by Mike Pintek's recent "right of center" comments about bicyclists infringing on 'his road' (featuring violent fantasies of striking them with an automobile) is operating at a preteen level.

In other words, your average faithful Limbaugh-Hannity-Pintek listener.

Infinonytune: Bicycle Race, Queen

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