Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing In The New Year By Agreeing With Luke

The New Year has quickly brought to Infinonymity a sentiment almost certainly shared with Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

The InfiVisitometer indicates an unusually large number of arrivals today arranged by searches involving "Poplawski" (more Margaret than Richard, a switch from regular experience).

The Poplawskis' dysfunction -- a noxious mix of personal and familial failure, conservative extremism, racism, and gun nuttery (depicted by the imbecile at left) -- was largely responsible for the creation of this blog. Had the Poplawskis not exported their lethal poison through the doorway and window of their home, Infinonymity probably would not exist.

In those circumstances, we believe it would be a better world if Infinonymity did not exist. And that, dear InfiReaders, is where we and Luke Ravenstahl agree.

Didn't expect that to occur so early in the year, did you?

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