Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recruits Are Gone, But Wannstedt Might Be Back

This is more Infinference (from our Sports Desk) than anything else, because of conflicting evidence, but today's events in and around Oakland suggest the role of Dave Wannstedt (left, counting recruits who have bolted, or perhaps the days remaining in the Pederson era) with the Pitt football program might be experiencing a revival.

Representatives of the football program have asked several of Wannstedt's assistant coaches to suspend their job searches (informally, but with assurances); Wannstedt (not Steve Pederson) apparently will conduct a press conference soon; and questions being asked in the (figurative) upper reaches of the Cathedral of Learning seem unfavorable to the athletics director regardless of the answers.

Infinonytune: Back In The Saddle, Aerosmith


James said...

I would be more interested if Wannstedt used the press conference to issue a large F-U to Nordberg and Pederson

Infinonymous said...

No need. They f---ed themselves.