Friday, January 21, 2011

Scenes From A Snowy InsolvenCity Afternoon

Simultaneous events at approximately noon today?

(1) Mayor's staff (taking a break from wondering where he is) renewing directive to Public Works establishing "every place other than East End" as top priority of snow-clearing crews, then laughing about how all the "four eyes and eggheads" Peduto voters must be slipping and sliding in their Mini Coopers, Smart Cars and rear-drive BMWs


(2) Bill Peduto tweeting:

Trying to get answers to why the major snow routes in the East End - Fifth, Centre, Baum, etc - have had such little attention.

Infinonytune: Slip Sliding Away, Simon and Garfunkel

1 comment:

MH said...

That's why I have an SUV with AWD. At least the city got the "slide downhill into traffic" parts of the road.